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We can all be climate leaders.

From donating to volunteering to simply speaking up on today’s key issues, every act of leadership brings us a step closer to realizing Atlanta’s sustainable future.

Here are a few ways to take action now:


Take the Unstoppable Voter Pledge.

There are 340,000 voters in Georgia who care about the environment, but don’t turn up to vote. By pledging to show up at the polls with the environment top of mind – even on off-election years – you’ll send a powerful message to candidates that Atlanta voters care about environmental issues.


Sign up for a “Georgia Grown” Fresh Harvest box

The average American meal travels 1500 miles.  Fresh Harvest partner farms are an average of 70 miles from Atlanta. By getting your produce with Fresh Harvest, you’ll be fighting climate change by reducing transportation emissions, promoting local and regenerative farming that sucks carbon into the soil, all while getting fresh, organic food at your doorstep. Select “Georgia Grown” Basket and use the code: Big Screen Bloc Party for $20 off.


improve Atlanta’s tree ordinance with Trees Atlanta

Atlanta has the largest urban tree canopy of any major U.S. city, but it’s losing coverage faster than any other state. Call on city council, City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane, and other local leaders to draft a new Tree Ordinance that will protect our canopy for a healthy climate and a more liveable city.